Time and Attendance Software: Important Features to Consider

Time tracking and attendance management is a crucial HR function for any organisation. It provides valuable insights to aid in employee absence tracking, creating productivity work plans and managing payroll. However, manual processes that include bulk paperwork or maintaining spreadsheets may be cumbersome and prone to errors.

This is where advanced time and attendance software like TimeCentral comes into the picture – keeping track of employee attendance and time schedules, managing overtime and payroll processing. It helps add value to businesses of all types and sizes, helping make accurate payroll calculations, paying employees for what they deserve and boosting their morale.

But before you leverage the potential of cutting-edge time and attendance software, here are five important features to look for:

1. Biometric Attendance System: Eliminate errors and discrepancies in manually documenting employee attendance by automating the process with a biometric system. TimeCentral offers multiple modes of attendance tracking, including fingerprint, face recognition, QR code and selfie. This helps speed up the process while automatically documenting attendance to the system. Even in the offline mode, it will continue recording attendance and storing the data locally. 

2. Set up Geofencing Radius: To capture real-time employee attendance for any geographical area, make sure the software allows you to set up a geofencing radius. This is crucial to track attendance and time schedules for employees who work from different project sites or from home.

3. Overtime and Lateness Calculator: It is important for the HR team to take overtime and lateness into consideration to accurately calculate payroll. Therefore, the software should allow automatically recording hours of overtime worked or lateness which can be then be posted for payroll computing.

4. Payroll Integration: This is an important feature you should look for in time and attendance software. For effective payroll calculations and paying the employees optimally, it is crucial to have accurate and timely attendance data. Therefore, the time and attendance software must be integrated with your payroll system for effective payroll & salary management.

5. Easy & Quick Setup: Lastly, the software should be simple and fast to set up, not burdening the organisation with complex processes. With TimeCentral, you can get started right away, installing the app, adding employees you want to schedule and track, and pushing attendance & time data in real-time.

Using feature-rich and intuitive time and attendance software like TimeCentral can help streamline processes and improve the bottom line.        

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