How Accurate are Facial Recognition Systems?

Facial recognition system is radically transforming workplace security today. Additionally, it aids in faster image processing, automating identification processes and reducing privacy breaches. But how accurate is facial recognition? According to a report published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the best facial recognition technology has an error rate of only 0.08% as of April 2020.

With TimeCentral, we aim at taking the accuracy level of facial recognition to the next level by using cutting-edge technology. The 8-inch dual camera face recognition system can scan faces in just 1 second and with 97.3% accuracy. Higher accuracy levels would help reduce risks associated with misidentification.

Typically, face recognition systems render near-perfect precision. We use advanced verification algorithms that can be matched to reference images and are efficient in achieving high accuracy scores. In fact, face verification systems have become so reliable today that organisations, government institutions and even banks are considering installing the same for improved identification and security.

However, high accuracy levels can be achieved only when the facial recognition system is set in a consistent position with ample lighting and no obstructions. This helps scan the individual’s facial features more clearly, ensuring higher levels of precision. TimeCentral uses a powerful 8-inch dual camera that can efficiently capture facial features in just 1 second.

Most importantly, it does not require any installation or special devices to use the system. Users can download the TimeCentral app on their mobile devices and therefore, it ensures higher accuracy for photo ID verification. You can always retake the photo when there are clarity issues.

Most face recognition systems such as TimeCentral work over the cloud, i.e., all data is securely stored and backed up on the cloud. This further helps reduce inaccuracies that may creep in due to manual handling.

Facial recognition technology has high accuracy rates which make it an ideal choice at workplaces of all kinds. TimeCentral facial recognition system ensures complete peace of mind and improved security through high levels of precision.   

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