The Facts on Facial Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition technology has come a long way, making it easy to capture highly accurate visual data for smart and secure identification and authentication of individuals. It has gained immense significance across diverse industry verticals and applications with functionalities ranging from biometric attendance system to secondary authentication in secure devices, customer verification in banking institutions, and much more.    

TimeCentral facial recognition system is powered by Artificial Intelligence that matches faces based on an individual’s visual geometry. It takes into consideration the relationship between different facial features like the eyes, brow, mouth and nose, and analyses the same to authenticate an individual’s identity and provide access.

An important thing to understand here is face recognition is not the same as face detection. The latter only detects faces, particularly in an image or video – not the individual whose face it is. On the other hand, AI-enabled face recognition systems take into consideration different facial features and “human intelligence” for effective identification and authentication of the individual before granting access.

TimeCentral uses an 8-inch dual camera with AI technology that can capture up to 20,000 faces in just 1 second. Our patented facial recognition system combines human intelligence and cutting-edge technology to provide high levels of accuracy up to 97.3%.

Most modern facial recognition algorithms use biometrics like the distance between two eyes to transform the facial features from a 2D image into a definite set of numbers, which ideally describes the face. The vectors are then compared to “known” faces in the database which have been earlier mapped to the same features. Automation allows capturing facial features, comparing and authenticating – all in just a few seconds.          

Some facial recognition systems also use 3D sensors or high-performance 2D tracking cameras to capture facial features from different angles. These tend to achieve higher levels of accuracy than traditional face recognition systems.

For improved security and efficiency, TimeCentral brings the power of AI to its facial recognition system and ensures high accuracy rates.

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