Comply with the capacity measures with ease
Cloud as well as mobile App Solution.

Vaccination Management, Mobile Ready, SAAS Solution, Notifications

Vaccination Management

The platform offers workflows to record and manage vaccination status as well as antigen test results.* COVID-19 most wanted solution.

SAAS Solution

Simple SAAS Solution with workflows, ready to use on the same day, get compliance immediately with records.

Mobile Ready

Mobile App making it easer for users to book facility and get notified, make changes all via simple app


Notifications of facilities booked, cancellations, and vaccination as well as antigen test results.

No setup Required Get started today

Add / Onboard your team

Add your employess that need to be scheduled, Track the attendance.

Download Mobile App

IOS & Android versions download and simply login to start.

Book Facility - Capacity Management ready solution

Users in real time can book facility based on limit set.

See Capacity Management Ready Solution Live

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