Quickly track your team's attendance & cost

Time management software by Timecentral facilitates quick tracking of attendance for the employees. Time management system gives employer insight into their workforce and helps them plan and manage work time to control labor cost and increase productivity also eliminate paper work.

Offline attendance, Lateness, Overtime, Reminder

Offline attendance

Timecentral App continues to record attendance information, even in offline mode. It stores the information locally until its able to make a connection back.


Lateness is recorded and alerts are sent out based on the rules as well as deductions to the payroll can be configured.


Overtime is automatically calculated based on the shift, and can be posted to the payroll for computing.


Shift reminders, leave reminders, birthday reminders, etc.

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Add your employess that need to be scheduled, Track the attendance.

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Scan Time In / Out with GPS Location, Push data in real time

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