The app helps you coordinate time off with a single, organized calendar. You can use the mobile app to ensure adequate coverage before approving any requests, which keeps the workflow moving and employees happy.

Facial Recognition

The App does Facial Recognition, updates Attendance and integrates with safe entry for contact tracing. Built-in anti spoof detection, Ensure security by checking the liveness of the face.


Check your work schedule on the mobile App. Even employees able to view published schedules on mobile app.

Leave Request

Apply for Leave via mobile app; it calculates -the number of paid leave, the number of unpaid leave, and the number of public holidays falling in the date range of leave applied.

Geofencing & Geolocation

The attendance record is transferred in real-time, making it easy for tracking and checking at the head office. The App continues to record attendance information, even when there is no connectivity to the server. It stores the information locally until it’s able to make a connection back.


Our app includes a built-in company directory where HR, managers, and employees can find contact information, photos, and job titles for everyone in the organization. You’ll have your whole team with you wherever you go.


The app also facilitates multi language for ease of use.


Timecentral App

It captures, analyses and compares patterns based on the person’s facial textures and shapes. It has simple registration and recognition process which is synchronized across all mobile devices.
The Timecentral App does facial recognition and updates attendance and integrates with Safe Entry for contact tracing.It only takes seconds to perform all 3 activities. More than 20 employees can perform attendance in a minute. App also has an option to set in or out mode. It also has an option to select location. Pushes information to the cloud in real time.

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