Contactless Temperature Screening & Face Recognition with built-in Biometric Attendance + TraceTogether


BIOTEMP: Temperature Screening & Monitoring System

Facial Biometric Attendance

8-Inch Dual Camera Face Recognition
Face Capacity: 20,000
1:N Face Recognition: 97.3%
Scanning Speed: 1 Sec
1:1 Person Certificate Comparison: More than 99%

Temperature Recording

Modes: Fahrenheit / Celsius
Stranger Detection: Supported
Control Action in case of high temperature
Auto Leave application
Green & Red colour with announcement


Scan TraceTogether App or Token, get temperature screening
for visitors and additonally attendance for your team without
touching any surface in one fixed system BIOTEMP

TraceTogether scanning with token or Tracetogether Mobile App

Auto SafeEntry No Need to Scan QR code

BIOTEMP: Biometric + Temperature - Let's see how it works

BIOTEMP: SafeEntry, Visitor Management & 1-Second Processing

BIOTEMP - Use Case: Construction workers

BIOTEMP - Installation Options

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