5 Popular Uses of Face Recognition

With the wide proliferation of AI technology, facial recognition has gained immense significance today – especially in workplaces. Know how TimeCentral Facial Recognition Software System can empower your business, ensure improved security and reduce operating costs.

Biometric attendance through fingerprints is the buzzword today. However, amidst the current global health crisis, workplaces demand a non-contact attendance system that ensures safety as well as improved security. Our Facial Biometric Attendance system offers a contactless approach to capture the attendance and body temperature of your employees in a fast and efficient manner.

Using facial recognition system for biometric attendance can speed up the process, scanning each employee in just 1 second. It can accurately capture facial details up to 20,000. It will accurately scan the person’s face even with the mask on. 

Struggling with employees who adopt fraudulent methods to report facial attendances? Use our facial recognition system for Geo Fencing technology that allows you to set a geo fencing radius and prevent employees from reporting facing attendances from anywhere.

On the other hand, organisations can use facial recognition technology for improved access control inside their premises. Door access via face recognition ensures only verified people can get entry to the workplace, thus, ensuring enhanced security for all. This can be implemented for everyone entering the premises, including visitors.

Our facial recognition system works with Temperature Screening technology to prevent door access when a person is detected with higher body temperatures beyond the set threshold. This is an important step towards combatting the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring everyone in the workplace remains safe.

Preventing identity theft and data hacking is another important use of facial recognition technology. Controlled access to critical data through our facial recognition system ensures only the authorised person has access to it.  

Facial recognition is poised to be the next big thing! Leverage the technology at its best with TimeCentral.

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