Which temperature screening method is right for your company?

There is a reason why temperature screening has become so vital today. Temperature or fever is one of the different symptoms of COVID-19. As businesses around the world have resumed, as per the recommendations of WHO, every organization needs temperature screening tools and technology so that workers’ safety and consumers’ confidence can be improved. If you are looking for the best temperature monitoring system, Time Central is your destination. We have the best temperature screening tools that come with the following features!

Our system will notify on temperature detection

Our temperature screening method can help you get real-time notification about the temperature of the person who visited your business premise. In case a person with a higher body temperature has been detected, the passage will be blocked and notification will be sent to the concerned department.

Our non-contact facial recognition system is ideal in the pandemic situation

Keeping the present pandemic situation in mind, Time Central’s facial recognition software is the best bet for you. Our system not only checks the temperature, but it also makes sure that the contact is avoided. 

Our cloud storage works best for Data backup

A biometric attendance system can only work best if the data is secure. With Time Central, you will get the benefits of cloud storage. This way, you don’t have to worry about data backup. Our team can help you choose the best temperature monitoring system that is well-equipped with data backup protocols.

Our system comes with a variety of temperature settings

Based on the region you are located and the temperature unit you choose, Time Central will offer you tools that can work with Celsius as well as Fahrenheit modes. You can also set the temperature threshold as per your requirement. 

Don’t let the pandemic affect the safety of your employees and customers; choose the best temperature screening method by choosing the right tools from Time Central. You can get in touch with us at-https://timecentral.co/.


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