Reasons Your Business Should Consider a Temperature Screening System

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are adopting definitive measures to ensure improved safety and wellbeing at the workplace. And just like the face mask, temperature screening upon arrival has become the recent mandate for most organizations that are getting back on track with the new normal. However, handheld thermometers are a bit cliched today, especially for businesses where the reliability of the system is important to provide a safe work environment.

Body temperature screening systems like TimeCentral help automate the process, ensuring workplace safety amidst the global pandemic. Our contactless temperature screening and monitoring system can help organizations focus on safety and public confidence. Discussed here are the top reasons why businesses should consider having a robust and reliable temperature screening system:

1. Easy to Use & Convenient    

Screening and recording body temperature manually can be complex and time-consuming. An automated and contactless temperature screening system makes the entire process seamless. It is not only easy to use and intuitive but also allows you to store all temperature recordings directly on the cloud. With TimeCentral, you can also set the temperature threshold and mode depending on the region your business is in.

2. It is Safer

A handheld temperature screening device that is used widely in most offices and commercial spaces isn’t actually “contactless.” In fact, the person responsible for temperature screening has to come in close contact with every employee for the device to capture temperature accurately. And according to FDA, “the close distance required to properly take a person’s temperature represents a risk of spreading disease between the person using the device and the person being evaluated.”

With automated, contactless temperature screening systems like ours, you can completely eliminate the scope of human-to-human contact.

3. Helps Enforce Stringent Safety Policies

Face masks and optimal body temperatures are the cornerstones of workplace safety policies amidst COVID-19. Our temperature screening system is also powered by 1-second facial recognition technology that ensures mask-wearing enforcement for all. Door access is given only to persons with face masks and normal body temperature.

With automated, AI-powered and more accurate temperature screening solutions, TimeCentral ensures organizations implement healthier and safer workplaces for all. 

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