The Facts on Facial Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

With the fast-paced technological advancements and the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence, the popularity of facial recognition systems does not seem to slow down anytime. This is especially true for security, law enforcement, and surveillance industries where facial recognition has become more important than ever. But the question arises – how accurate is the facial recognition technology in ensuring high levels of user authentication and safety?    

Thankfully, the face recognition system has evolved continuously with the development of Artificial Intelligence. TimeCentral is an AI-enabled facial recognition and biometric system that matches an individual’s face based on its visual geometry. It is a computer system and cannot directly read an image to authenticate it. Artificial Intelligence considers the relationship between varying facial features such as the eyes, mouth, nose and brow, and analyzes the data to validate an individual’s identity.

AI combines human intelligence with technology to train a deep neural network. The training data should include a large number of faces to have more accurate results. that takes into consideration the visual signals underlying different pixels that make up a face. Using these pixels, AI-enabled facial recognition systems will learn to find patterns and assign “values” to these signals to achieve the desired results in a better and accurate way.

From generalizing and abstracting raw pixel values to making a more accurate classification of individuals’ faces, modern facial recognition technology is a definitive way of ensuring enhanced security. Machine learning or AI uses multiple layers to find patterns that can be helpful in identifying true matches and recognizing faces.

Another fact about facial recognition systems and AI is their effectiveness in anti-spoofing. Despite that face recognition systems are promising, they can be spoofed easily by using paper-based images. Such malicious acts can pose a threat to your sensitive data. AI helps reduce theft, prevent fraud, and safeguards confidential data.

Our AI-powered facial recognition system delivers high levels of accuracy for improved efficiency and security.     

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