How Accurate are Facial Recognition Systems?

Facial recognition technology has dramatically improved over the past few years, helping address the risks associated with misidentification. Radical performance improvements have paved the way for extensive deployment across varied applications; however, this calls for proper governance of the facial recognition system to ensure the highest levels of accuracy are achieved.

TimeCentral is an all-in-one temperature screening and facial recognition system that delivers high accuracy levels, helping reduce risks, improve organizational security and achieve operational efficiency. Our face recognition system is powered by an 8-inch dual camera that effectively scans faces in only 1 second and delivers 97.3% accuracy.

Ideally, facial recognition systems offer near-perfect accuracy levels. However, there are several factors that may affect face recognition accuracy. These include:

(i) Facial recognition technology algorithm: We leverage cutting-edge verification algorithms, which intelligently match a person’s facial characteristics based on the reference image and help achieve high precision scores.

(ii) Aging: Significant alterations in face shape, texture, and characteristics due to aging can have a big impact on facial recognition accuracy.

(iii) Low Resolution: Low-quality images can substantially impact the recognition accuracy rate. Our facial recognition system uses an 8-inch dual camera that captures images in high resolution, improving the level of precision.

(iv) Illumination: The extent of light and shadow has a huge impact on the accuracy level. Therefore, setting the system in a consistent position where there are no obstructions and ample lighting is important. TimeCentral does not require setting up on special devices or complex installation.

(v) Noise: Noise in facial image processing can significantly impact the accuracy rate. There are different types of noise, such as Salt and Pepper noise, Speckle, Gaussian, and Poisson. To achieve high precision levels, it is crucial to pre-handle all image noise categories.

Modern facial recognition systems like TimeCentral have high levels of accuracy that make it a perfect choice for complete security and peace of mind. 

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