5 Things You Didn’t Know About Timesheet Management

For small businesses, investing in a timesheet management system may not be a top priority when it comes to maximising their revenues. Discussed here are 5 things you didn’t know about timesheet management that will convince you to upgrade to an automated system like TimeCentral.

1. It’s easier to get started than you thought!

When it comes to implementing automated timesheet management, small businesses consider it to be complex and cumbersome. Thankfully, it’s a myth.

Advanced systems like TimeCentral are fast and simple to get started right away. It does not require any set up; add as many employees into the system and track their attendance. Your employees can download the Android or iOS mobile app, login and scan their time-in/time-out via push data or GPS location in real time.

2. Reduce time in administrative processes and error-handling

Several studies suggest that automated time and attendance systems can help minimise time spent on workforce management by almost 39%. Many businesses have reported lower labour costs and significantly reductions in clerical errors.

TimeCentral records attendance in real-time and even in offline mode. Within a single platform, you can record employee attendance, lateness, overtime, and even set reminders. More importantly, all these data is stored on the cloud and processed digitally to help reduce errors and save more time.

3. Automated timesheet management can help deter time fraud

Do you know that employees tend to steal more from their companies than customers or vendors? This can be best done by forging time records, not punching out when on unpaid breaks, or “buddy punching.”

TimeCentral time tracking attendance system requires the employees to authenticate via face recognition, selfie, QR code or fingerprint. This helps reduce time fraud, saving you dollars.

4. Time and attendance systems pave way for employee self-service

You can improve efficiency and employee engagement by implementing a timesheet management system that aids in self-service. TimeCentral app allows employees to sign in from any device and record their attendance, authenticate the identity, and report overtime.

5. Stay Compliant

Not paying your employees adequately for scenarios like overtime can get you sued under fair-wage practices. Having an automated timesheet management system will let you access business intelligence reports on the go, ensuring you never miss on paying what your employees deserve.

TimeCentral timesheet management system, with built-in biometrics, can empower businesses to improve employee efficiency, stay compliant and reduce costs.      

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