Top 4 Features to Look for in Timesheet Management System

Time tracking and attendance management is an integral HR function, and cumbersome too. An automated and intuitive timesheet management system enables organisations to identify employee working trends, retrieve actionable insights, increase productivity and reduce overwork.

Go paperless, automate time tracking and improve operational efficiency with TimeCentral timesheet management system. Here are the top 4 features you should look for:

1. Ease of Use

You do not want to spend your entire time learning and setting up a timesheet management system, right? Therefore, ease of use is one of the primary features to look for. TimeCentral is an intuitive system that does not require any set up and you can get started right away. You can simply add as many employees you want and track their attendance in real-time.

Through a mobile app, your employees can sign up from any device, use their GPS location and set their time-in/time-out. No steep learning graph; no complexities.

2. Payroll Integration

The system seamlessly integrates to your HR and payroll solution to provide real-time employee attendance data directly into payroll. Using biometrics, you can capture employee timestamps automatically which can help minimise payroll errors.

3. Cloud Solution

To streamline the process of attendance tracking and ensure high levels of data security, choose a solution that is 100% cloud-based. This ensures all employee data is stored securely on the cloud and regularly backed up. TimeCentral uses the “Push-Data to Server” feature that allows you to transfer all attendance records to the cloud in real time. This makes it easier to track and check all data, anytime and from any device.

4. Improved Security

Often employees follow unscrupulous practices such as “buddy punching,” faking time records or not clocking-out for unpaid breaks. If not monitored and controlled timely, this can result in huge monetary loss for the company.

TimeCentral timesheet management system uses biometrics to authenticate employee attendance through selfie, fingerprint, face recognition or QR code. This way you can reduce time fraud and improve employee productivity.

A powerful and intuitive timesheet management system can empower your employees with self-service options while streamlining payroll processing, staying compliant, and improving productivity.         

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