Why Modern Timesheet App is Crucial for Every Company?

Timesheet is regarded as one of the most integral business functions – it allows you to track employee performance; provides in-depth insight on employee efficiency and department-wise manpower requirements; helps streamline the entire workflow. Overall, timesheet management helps organisations maximise productivity and reduce waste.

However, using a traditional timesheet is time-consuming and complex, scouring through manual data entry of every employee and verifying the data. There are high risks of errors in the process and lack of control. Additionally, conventional timesheets often do not provide details about which type of task the employee has worked on and for how long. As such, implementing a modern timesheet app is the need of the hour.

Here’s why it is important for organisations to have a cutting-edge and automated timesheet app like TimeCentral.

1. To Monitor Employees Better and Streamline the Workflow

Modern timesheet apps allow HR teams to seamlessly track which employees are working on a particular task and whether that task is delivering the desired results. It provides deep insight into the project status, allowing team leads to identify potential roadblocks and achieve a smooth workflow.

2. Improve HR and Payroll Functions

TimeCentral is an intuitive time tracking app that provides a comprehensive picture of employee attendance, work performance, overtime worked, and how much an employee shall be rewarded based on performance. As such, it helps streamline HR and payroll functions.

3. Make Payments Accurately

Modern timesheets work on automated systems which help reduce manual data entry and verification errors. This allows employees to accurately bill and invoice the projects they are working on and for how much time. On the other hand, team leads can track progress of the task every day using the app. As such, there will be no scope for duplicate or erroneous bills.

4. Monitor Project Budget

For any business, it is important to efficiently monitor the project budget and determine whether your company is in profit or loss. And budget tracking is a challenging task for teams. However, modern time tracking apps like TimeCentral makes the entire process much simplified and enables you to estimate the budget and time by tracking resource utilisation and employee hours spent. It also makes it simpler to determine the budget for upcoming projects.


Timesheet apps like TimeCentral provide actionable insights to improve workflow, analyse employee performance efficiently, and manage your budget.      

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