Workforce Digitalisation – Technologies Transforming Businesses

Technology advancements in the modern workplace have been remarkable over the past decade. This has enabled organisations to switch their operations from a traditional analogue system to a more sophisticated digital workplace that helps build a collaborative and productive environment for employees. Workforce digitalisation is an effective way to eliminate information silos and facilitate seamless communication. It aids in improved operational efficiency while delivering accurate and precise data that help make strategic decisions.

Discussed here are two technologies that are transforming the concept of workforce digitalisation:

A. Facial Recognition Device – Biotemp

Biotemp is an integral component of the TimeCentral attendance monitoring system that aids in no-touch attendance based on facial recognition and temperature screening. The device can be installed outside the office and allows employees to get access to the premises on successful facial recognition.

The facial biometric attendance device ensures 97.3% accuracy in face recognition, with a scanning speed of 1 second. So, it can help reduce time-to-attendance and other potential discrepancies of manual or fingerprint attendance systems. By allowing access only to people whose facial features are recorded within the system, Biotemp ensures safe entry.     

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic scenario, ensuring workplace safety is another major challenge for organisations. Biotemp is an advanced tool that automatically screens the temperature reading of any person trying to enter the premises. Anyone with higher temperature readings is not provided access and it also allows submitting leave applications.

Biotemp not only helps automate the attendance system but also reduces errors in attendance capturing while ensuring safety for all.

B. Time Attendance Software

TimeCentral also provides advanced Time Attendance Software that aids in fast and precise attendance tracking for a location or project. It supports fingerprint, facial recognition, QR code, or selfie to screen time attendance for all registered employees. The software also allows team members to post their attendance in real-time and from any location within the geofencing radius. Offline attendance, overtime, lateness, or reminders – everything can be tracked from a single dashboard.


Both Biotemp and Time Attendance Software by TimeCentral is transforming the ways how HR functions are managed in a highly digitalised workplace today. Using these tools helps streamline attendance tracking while helping HR leaders have accurate data at their fingertips for payroll processing.    

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