How to Automate Timesheets?

Manual employee timesheet management is perhaps one of the biggest nightmares for any HR department across the world. Four primary challenges they face with traditional payroll time-tracking systems are:

  • Validating timesheet data for all employees
  • Approving timesheets on time  
  • Manually feeding total hours worked and pay data into the payroll system
  • Managing bulk paperwork or Excel timesheets that need to be distributed through paper, email, flash drive, or disk

The entire process isn’t just cumbersome, but also prone to errors. In this scenario, an automated timesheet software such as TimeCentral can help streamline the entire process, provide long-term support, and continuity. So, here’s how you can automate your employee timesheets.

1. Fast & Efficient Methods of Inputting Employee Attendance Data

TimeCentral is an intuitive and feature-rich time tracking attendance system that allows employees to register and authenticate via various modes such as fingerprint, face recognition, QR Code, or selfie. This process helps reduce time, while all data are posted to the central payroll system automatically and in real-time.

2. Manage Leave, Attendance, and Overtime from a Single Dashboard

When you automate your payroll time tracking system, you are able to utilize a central repository system where you can view, access, and manage all data related to employee attendance, leave, lateness, and overtime. An interesting aspect of TimeCentral employee attendance system is that it can record attendance data in offline mode and store it locally.

Similarly, overtime and lateness are recorded, and notifications are sent so that the rules and payroll deductions can be automatically configured.

3. Automated Setup

With TimeCentral, you do not need to follow any complex setup process. You can get started right away by adding your employees for whom you want to track attendance and who need to be scheduled. Employees can simply download the iOS or Android version of the app and log in to start posting their time in/time out using GPS location. So, even if an employee is working remotely, they can still input their attendance and hours worked in a location or a project.

Automating timesheets using TimeCentral helps speed up the approval process and facilitates accurate calculations. It can handle holiday work, leave, and overtime – streamlining processes and ensuring timely payments.  

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