AI Temperature Screening Aids Businesses Amid Pandemic

As businesses and schools are reopening worldwide post the COVID-19 pandemic,  Singapore government has made Tracetogether scanning mandatory for each individual at public places and workplaces.

After Singapore Government officially raised its ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) alert level from yellow to orange in 2020 due to COVID-19 spread, a temperature monitoring system became compulsory at most public places with some gradual enhancements like auto safe entry followed by tracetogether scanning and now Tracetogether with Bluetooth scanning.

According to research, businesses and health institutions find it difficult to perform large-scale temperature screening at speed, as it is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, you can now speed up the process and make it contactless with an AI solution. 

At TimeCentral, we have built a new generation, contactless temperature screening application and system, with a scanning speed of one second, helping you check the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius units. 

The device detects Bluetooth signals from Tracetogether app or Tracetogether token for Safeentry check-in. You can get a contactless temperature screening and record attendance at the workplace without touching any surface in a fixed system. 

The features of our app include:

  • Built-in QR code scanner
  • 1:1 facial recognition
  • Face recognition with mask
  • Binocular living camera
  • Local or cloud-based data storage
  • 3-in-1 LED light indicator
  • Real time Body Temperature.
  • Built in speaker
  • Bluetooth Tracetogether scanning

AI-based temperature screening system is in huge demand now. Hospitals, schools, businesses and other public platforms are opting for AI-based temperature monitoring systems because they reduce the need for manual temperature screening by providing faster and accurate measurements and can scan a considerable number of people at the same time.

Contact TimeCentral for the Best Temperature Monitoring System

TimeCentral’s AI-based app is an all-in-one PSG Pre-approved solution with facial recognition and QR code scanner that is best for workplaces, schools and health institutions. Apart from that, we also offer you the best attendance management and time tracking and scheduling applications in Singapore.

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