5 Popular Uses of Face Recognition Technology

The face recognition system has been around since the 1960s. It is actually a reality and has been in prolific usage for the last few decades. For example, the iPhone X has given lakhs of people access to facial recognition technology to protect their personal details. There are several other ways in which facial recognition technology has brought benefits for society as a whole. Let us check them out!

Smart and intelligent advertisements: Advertisements made using facial recognition technology cater to a highly specific, targeted audience; thereby, bringing in immediate results for the companies.

Crime prevention and control: Facial recognition technology helps in the immediate identification of burglars, pickpockets, shoplifters and other criminals as soon as they enter any public place. It makes the local authority alert, and proper measures are taken swiftly. Thus, we can say that this revolutionary technology has actively helped in bringing down crime rates.

Identification of people on different social media platforms: One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, relies on facial recognition technology to identify people in photographs. The tagging process has become much easier now. Facebook automatically asks the user whom to tag depending on the picture and offers relevant suggestions. Thus, the user needs not search for friends to tag manually anymore. Also, if you see someone unknown in your picture and that person is also on Facebook, you will get to know about them from their Facebook profile. 

Finding out those who are missing: Facial recognition software can play a great role in finding our missing individuals. If the missing people have been added to the concerned database, then a facial recognition system can be used to recognise the same face in public places like a club, airport, retail store, restaurant, etc. 

Track employee attendance: Biometric attendance system is used to keep track of employee attendance so that there will be no room for human error. Because of the biometric system, the attendance report will be 100% accurate and flawless. Multiple companies have been using the biometric system to check the attendance of employees.

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