Thermal Screening

Should You Be Considering Thermal Temperature Screening At Work?

As the world continues to adapt to the ‘new normal’ during the current health crisis, implementing technologically-advanced safety measures at the workplace has become increasingly important. To ensure smooth functioning with a focus on public safety and confidence, it has become imperative for businesses to take the necessary precautions to avert danger.

How exactly can you ensure the safety of your employees at the workplace? Thermal screening has emerged as a viable option.

Thermal Screening

While many people are still opting to work from remote locations, this option is not viable for all kinds of occupations and businesses. For those who are returning to work, taking precautionary measures has become all the more important. In this situation, thermal screening is an option that you can definitely explore.

Thermal Temperature screening allows you to check the temperature of a person without coming in close contact. Since any infection usually causes a deviation from the normal body temperature, it is the best way to keep a check on employees’ daily health.

Automated Contact-Less Temperature and Built-In Biometrics

Advanced thermal screening and monitoring systems such as TimeCentral now come with automated temperature recording and built-in biometric attendance to ensure improved safety and a contact-less experience.


Further thermal screening is also very safe compared to the other methods. The person who is in charge of the testing can maintain adequate distance throughout the screening process.

In fact, given the new technology, it is possible to install thermal imaging machines that can screen and record temperature without any human interference.

No wonder governments across the world are emphasizing the adoption of these screening machines at offices and commercial spaces. Adopt one today and safeguard the health of your employees.

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