Improve Workforce Productivity with Advanced Shift Scheduling

Effective employee scheduling is integral for any organisation. This is especially true for business segments like transportation, healthcare, warehouses, etc., where people work in shifts. Without proper scheduling, projects can go understaffed or some employees may be assigned more work hours, resulting in stress and dissatisfaction.

If you are experiencing a significant drop in productivity, poor shift scheduling might be one of the top reasons behind it. Overburdening your people may drain out their productivity. On the other hand, under-assigning jobs to employees may result in dissatisfaction.

To overcome these challenges, it is important to deploy an advanced time scheduling system to help automate processes and improve operational efficiency. Here’s how it works:

Set Schedules Based on Locations and Projects

Using a robust and AI-powered shift scheduling system like TimeCentral, you can create teams based on locations and projects. This allows you to efficiently manage your workforce that is geographically dispersed or work on different projects.

Minimise Time Spent on Scheduling

For larger organisations with more employees and even remote workforce, it can be cumbersome creating and tracking shift schedules. An automated system helps streamline the process, allowing you to create, assign and manage unique work schedules for each worker. TimeCentral enables managers to create rosters, fill different work shifts or get substitutes when a worker is out of his shift. Altogether, it helps reduce the time and effort spent in scheduling.

Make Allotted Time Shifts Easily Visible to Employees

One of the biggest challenges in time scheduling is many employees are not aware of their shifts or what is expected of them. Using an advanced scheduling system like TimeCentral allows managers to create and approve shifts, and publish them to be made available to the entire team. Employees can view the published schedules over a mobile app or browser.

Manage Shifts, Leaves And Day-offs

TimeCentral allows employees to view open or available shifts, accept the same via mobile app, and send for approval from the supervisor. They can also apply for leaves through this platform. Having all this information on a single platform enables managers to efficiently manage and assign shifts based on leaves and off-days of other employees.

TimeCentral is an intuitive, AI-enabled platform that brings scheduling to your fingertips. Using this automated system, you can set geolocations, create unique schedules for each employee and manage the same.    

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