Reasons to invest in a cloud-based time and attendance software solution

Every company has a blazing desire to be agile and efficient in its core competency. To accomplish that, various new technologies need to be integrated. Amongst the most challenging goals a corporation needs to address, employee attendance remains a longwinded one. It not only affects a company’s productivity but also the bottom productivity line.

Bidding farewell to the antiquated attendance system, companies are now discovering the effectiveness of cloud-based time and attendance software. If as a business owner, you haven’t yet given thought to this perspective, you might be lagging way behind in the competition.

Let us help you out realize the importance of a cloud-based workforce management system provided by TimeCentral. Here are a few reasons to trust the big data-based approach:


The intuitive and feature-rich attendance scheduling and absence management platform from TimeCentral is also very affordable. Additionally, you don’t have to spend on additional space, software, or hardware. Since everything is delivered via the cloud, you can rely on virtual storage devices. A simple monthly fee for the solution you need is enough to keep you ahead of the game.

Easy upgrades

The cloud-based attendance management systems are easily upgradable. Since they run on the parameters of worldwide connectivity, you need not search for updates as they are automatically downloaded and installed. Also, the software keeps on getting better and more securer with every new version installed.

Secure and reliable

The attendance system based on the cloud is relentlessly secure. This is because the cloud service providers hold the responsibility of encrypting and securing your data. There is a dedicated back-end team working only to make your data secure across the cloud. This is way easier as compared to in-house software that is solely dependent on your decisions to be secure.

Speed and accessibility

In comparison to the in-house attendance system, the cloud-based software is much faster. You just need a few seconds to open and analyze the reports and metrics. The value-added data such as leave details, timing sheets, daily reports, etc. are updated and shared in seconds.


Leveraging a cloud-based software attendance system can keep every entrepreneur and business owner in the driving seat. They can have access to the right computing power. With this tech-blessing, companies can simplify their business operations, extract better productivity and reduce errors. 

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