Why Having an Absence Management System is Important?

Let’s face it – employee attendance tracking is a vital part of effective workforce management. Without it in place, you might have to bear the brunt of unexpected absences, scheduling conflicts, or inaccurate payroll processing. And then there’s the loophole of buddy punching. And before you could know, the labour costs will increase exorbitantly while your workforce continues to be less productive.

A powerful and intuitive attendance management system like TimeCentral is crucial for businesses of all sizes – allowing HR managers to put policies, strategies, procedures and processes in place to minimise employee absenteeism and improve workforce productivity. Efficient absence management can help your HR team in more ways than you can imagine. Let’s understand how.

Employee Absence Must be Monitored & Evaluated

Unless you monitor and measure, you cannot manage employee absenteeism. Attendance tracking is an efficient way of recording workforce absences on day-to-day basis and manages the same in a way that aligns with HR policies. However, traditional attendance tracking systems only record the time-in/time-out of an employee. It often fails to capture how much time-off a worker took between schedules and when. Moreover, paper-based or spreadsheet data can be easily tampered with and are prone to errors.

Advanced time & attendance systems like TimeCentral can accurately capture employee time-off requests and absences, providing more accurate and automated information of employee absences.

No More Guesses. Set a Proven Leave Approval Process

Automated absence management systems allow employees to apply for leave either through a web browser or app, 24/7. Often, it integrates a multilevel approval/rejection process, which is aligned with the company’s absence management policy. The ability to apply for prior leaves and a publishing approval/rejection on the system enables keeping a track of employee time-off.

Helps Automate Scheduling for Better Workforce Management

TimeCentral attendance management system helps easily track and manage employee vacation time, sick leave and other types of time-offs. This enables supervisors to view employee availability and likewise, schedule shifts more efficiently and with less conflict.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Imagine paying too less to an employee due to a payroll error? Or perhaps you are paying for more work hours than what an employee is actually working for? This may result in increased employee dissatisfaction or greater cost to your company in the latter case. Advanced absence management systems allow integrating payroll to minimise errors and pay what your workforce truly deserves.

TimeCentral is a simple yet intuitive absence management system that combines all the above features for efficient workforce management, increased productivity and reduced costs.             

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