Artificial Intelligence Takes the Temperature Screening to the Next Level

Due to the global crisis and the need for social distancing, technology advancement has gained much-needed importance than ever. As the pandemic is still prevailing, taking serious precautions for schools, offices and businesses reopening is necessary. Therefore, temperature screening with Tracetogether is essential before entering any premises.

Due to its optimum accuracy, speedy and contactless system, the temperature monitoring system has gained importance to a whole new level. TimeCentral provides an intuitive, feature-rich temperature screening and monitoring system, BIOTEMP, with full security and accuracy. Here are some exceptional features of our software you must look into:

  • Automated Contactless Temperature Check: It monitors the temperature of the employers, workers and any other visitor without touching any surface with its contactless temperature screening system. 
  • Easy Control Action: Based on your region, you can also change or alter the temperature mode from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa, also controlling the temperature threshold accordingly.
  • AI-Based Technology: BIOTEMP is an AI-based temperature monitoring system, which notifies AI-based alerts, reports and statistics.
  • Quick Facial Recognition: It detects the facial impression within one second and even with a mask on. The system enables fast facial recognition.
  • Multi-Time Zoned Facility: For companies with global reach, BIOTEMP is an integrated system for all the offices, which helps to stay connected across the nation and facilitate temperature monitoring in different time zones.
  • Highly Safe and Secure: It is an integrated system of temperature screening with ISO 27001 certification, which confirms the breadth and strength of our security practices and ensures total commitment to safeguarding our client’s data. The API seamless integration provides safe entry as every scan counts towards our fight against COVID-19.
  • Trace together Tken or app: With the TraceTogether app and token scanning, one can easily do auto safe entry.
  • 100% Cloud Platform: Attendance, temperature and visitor management data is highly secured as BIOTEMP pushes the data to cloud in real time.

Thus, with the rising need for an AI-operated temperature screening worldwide, it is wise to connect with TimeCentral for its BIOTEMP system. We provide excellent software, which will be highly beneficial to your business.

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