Create a Safe Workplace with Facial Recognition Software

Singapore happens to be one of the first country to use facial verification in national identity schemes. The facial recognition technology leverages biometrics to map facial features to verify an individual’s identity. Furthermore, it enables secure access to both private and government services. 

A facial recognition system is a face-scanning mechanism that scans and captures the facial features of the employee and converts the information into a secure database with accuracy. One can think about what is so unique about facial recognition software? Well, you must know this system is less intrusive and offers seamless verification. This technology is rapidly gained popularity worldwide due to its effective and trusted visit management security check to ensure a safe workplace.  

How Is Facial Recognition Software Beneficial?

With the outbreak of the pandemic, facial recognition software with temperature screening has gained significant importance. With accuracy in access control and visitor tracking, this biometric attendance system increases staff security and productivity in any workplace.

TimeCentral’s facial recognition, temperature screening and TraceTogeher scanning device, BIOTEMP, has to be the best choice for you in this regard. We provide the best accessibility with cost-effective measures to register your attendance more swiftly. Here are a few benefits of our BIOTEMP:

  • Easy Hassle-Free Download: You can easily download the app on your android or iOS mobile phones and tablets. Once you get the access token, you are good to go.
  • Real-Time Tracking Touch Less System: It is a touch-less check-in system to keep track in real-time and check the attendance of the workers with efficiency.
  • Scan Tracetogether device, Check Attendance with Temperature: Biotemp gets the attendance along with the temperature check and tracetogether scanning of your team without touching any surface.
  • Safe and Secure Process: This facial recognition software is highly authentic and safe since it gives secured access only to registered personnel. The ISO 27001 certification confirms the breadth and strength of our security practices.
  • Multilingual and Time Zone Facility: It performs various time zone conversions to support the companies having a global reach and facilitate multi-time zone attendance.

Summing Up

Introducing our facial recognition system can reap many benefits and ultimately improve your workplace security. Contact TimeCentral for easy, accurate and intuitive services to quickly track your team’s attendance.

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