5 Game-Changing Features of Attendance Management Software

According to recent research, the biometrics method has embraced the financial, technology and government sectors, followed by the workplace, healthcare, recreation and education centres.

biometric attendance system is significant for creating a digitally sufficient work environment along with visibility on employee movements. Moreover, it makes the audit process easier by keeping track of the details.  

Do you know what an attendance management system or facial recognition software is? Have a better outlook here:

What is an Attendance Management System?

In simple terms, an attendance management system helps monitor the time spent in the office by an employee. Especially in this pandemic when most of the employees are working from home. Mobile app along with the software makes it more handy and convenient for the employers as well.

The Ultimate Features of the Attendance Management Software

No matter you go for on-premise software or cloud-based software, you must keep the following game-changing features in mind:

1.      Clocking in and out

This counts to be an essential feature to minimise human errors. Employees use their magnetic cards or personalised phone numbers to clock in, register break periods and clock out at the end of the work.

2.      Leave Management

Facial recognition software plays a huge role in leave management. For example, an employee should apply for leave or make a special attendance request instead of registering a missed day as absent. According to last year statistics, at most organisations, there was a percentage mark for attendance which needs to be followed by every other employee.

3.      Payroll Integration

Compensation is calculated as per the time spent reconciling any approved leaves or paid time off (PTO) if your attendance management system is linked with payroll. A reliable facial recognition system also supports hourly compensation and flexible payments.

4.      Reporting

In an organisation, creating and maintaining employee attendance records is the basic duty of HR. The number of hours, overtime, missed days and other basic report generation are available in an exportable report format in a trusted software.

5.      Biometric Attendance

For a large workforce with specific clock-in and clock-out timelines, biometric attendance is excellent. In addition, it takes into account the employee’s fingerprint or other personal identification for attendance authorisation, preventing the risk of fraud.

Final Words

A good attendance management system will help track an employee’s working hours and simplify payrolls, avoiding regulatory violations. Being a feature rich software it also helps in workforce and capacity management.

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