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APS has transformed into a global leader in supplying Spiral Welded Tubing products for the Oil & Gas and Filtration industries. For over a decade now, it is the market choice for Oilfield Screenmanufacturers looking for high quality and efficient supply of bespoke Oilfield Screen Shrouds. Their strict in-house processes ensure highest quality output. APS is ISO9001:2015 qualified andcertified to Singapore safety class BizSafe level 4.

Business Situation

COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore concerns around employee safety and health. The team had to manually record the temperature of staff and visitors which was posing a health risk forthe assigned personnel. Not just that, AP Spiral HR team was had to ensure there was 100% compliance with the government guidelines and keep the workplace safe and secure.


BIOTEMP SafeEntry solution was implemented for contactless temperature screening of office employees, site workers and visitors.

The device provided contactless and precise measurement of personnel’s forehead temperature in less than 1 second. By automatically synchronizing the temperature with time and attendance system meant lesser paperwork and effort.

The HR team was able to configure notifications and alerts for personnel with temperature beyond any pre-set threshold.

“The BIOTEMP solution has drastically improved the efficiency of tracking temperature of staff and visitors. The data is easily accessible since the data is on cloud.”

Mick Cheung, Director, AP Spiral

Ensuring Workforce Health, Safety, And Compliance through Integrated SafeEntry Solution.

Within a few weeks of implementation, there was drastic improvement in the workforce efficiency; and zero risk to assigned personnel for tracking and temperature measurement. Due to itseasy integration to the time and attendance system, data tracking was seamless, real-time and easily accessible. Security was also beefed up as the system could verify the individual’s identity andalert HR teams on personnel with temperature reading above a certain temperature level.

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The workflow configuration made it easier for managing information that was flowing in from the various branches which also helped in consistency & quick deployment.



"Not only the machine is fast and accurate, it is also convenient for our staff! It saved a lot of time and also the process in the centre are much streamlined and professional!”



“We are really thankful to have found TimeCentral’s BIOTEMP, which is a cut above the rest."