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EduEdge an English Language specialist has helped over 1800 students improving at least 2-3 grades. Specializing in making learning more engaging and effective for students.Unique method of learning English using Formulas has been so successful in helping students achieve remarkable improvements that they have been featured across various media.

Business Situation

The Safe Management Measures for COVID-19 that is mandatory for all workplaces / offices and businesses, we needed a fast and effective solution that could help us with Crowd Control & Temperature-taking.

This is especially so for our Company as we are in education services and we would expect high human traffic on the days of our operation when we have back to back classes.


BIOTEMP SafeEntry solution was implemented for contactless temperature screening of office employees, site workers and visitors.

The device provided contactless and precise measurement of personnel’s forehead temperature in less than 1 second. By automatically synchronizing the temperature with time and attendance system meant lesser paperwork and effort.

The HR team was able to configure notifications and alerts for personnel with temperature beyond any pre-set threshold.

“We are really thankful to have found TimeCentral’s BIOTEMP(Facial Recognition & Contactless Temp-taking system), which is a cut above the rest.

While there are many other companies which are also selling similar temp-taking devices, what separates BIOTEMP from all other solutions is that they are offering a full system and not just a device.

What we really like is that the temp-taking device is connected to their proprietary cloud management software that is developed in-house by their Team. You wouldn't believe how easy to navigate and easy to use their software interface is. They've made it super intuitive for the end-user!

What's even more awesome is that they have their own mobile app that comes with it, thereby offering another mode of usage, and more importantly, convenience when using their system.

And the best part is their system is customisable to meet the HR needs for businesses as well -so you could also add on additional modules such as Payroll or Leave application for your Staff.

Most importantly, we give their team a BIG thumbs-up for their post-sales support -which is a crucial consideration for the adoption of any solution. The TimeCentral Team is highly responsive. They were able to quickly furnish us with the required info or help when we needed tech support or assistance with the claims for grants.

For any businesses or companies who are looking to implement an effective and reliable safe management or HR system with excellent support from a highly professional Team, you should consider speaking to the TimeCentral Team today to find out more about their suite of solutions”.

Edwin EdangelusCheng, Founder and Principal of EduEdge Learning Hub

Other Case Studies



“Safety of our children is a top priority. TimeCentral helped us integrate BIOTEMP with our system.”



The workflow configuration made it easier for managing information that was flowing in from the various branches which also helped in consistency & quick deployment.



"Not only the machine is fast and accurate, it is also convenient for our staff! It saved a lot of time and also the process in the centre are much streamlined and professional!”