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ChildFirst is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ednovation, a pioneer in Singapore pre-school educational technology since 1991. Our EdnoLand curriculum is offered in partnership with hundreds of pre-schools.

Business Situation

COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore concerns around student safety and health. The team had to manually record the temperature of students and visitors which was posing a health risk for the assigned personnel. Not just that, ChildFirst HR team was had to ensure there was 100% compliance with the government guidelines and keep the workplace safe and secure.


BIOTEMP SafeEntry solution was implemented for contactless temperature screening of office employees, site workers and visitors.

The device provided contactless and precise measurement of personnel’s forehead temperature in less than 1 second. By automatically synchronizing the temperature with time and attendance system meant lesser paperwork and effort.

The HR team was able to configure notifications and alerts for personnel with temperature beyond any pre-set threshold.

“Safety of our children is a top priority. We implemented BIOTEMP to provide contactless temperature screening and attendance taking through face recognition with mask. TimeCentral helped us integrate BIOTEMP with our system.”

Richard Yen, ChildFirstPre-Schools

TimeCentral BIOTEMP offered a solution that not only made sure the temperature screening takes place it also collaborated the data from the various locations spread across the island into one unified system, with real time attendance.This was further integrated with the ChildFirst student Management system which connects back to student’s parent via a mobile App.

The workflow configuration made it easier for managing information that was flowing in from the various branches which also helped in consistency & quick deployment.

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“Safety of our children is a top priority. TimeCentral helped us integrate BIOTEMP with our system.”



“We are really thankful to have found TimeCentral’s BIOTEMP, which is a cut above the rest."



"Not only the machine is fast and accurate, it is also convenient for our staff! It saved a lot of time and also the process in the centre are much streamlined and professional!”