How to Monitor and Curb Problematic Attendance

Employee attendance monitoring is a major challenge for many organisations. When temporary labour costs, lack of morale and lost productivity are taken into consideration, organizations understand the high price of a poor attendance system.

For businesses, attendance problems can be detrimental to the bottom line. It encompasses arriving late to work and leaving early, excessive absences, frequent or long breaks, and buddy punching. Cumulatively, these can cost billions of dollars to a company.    

Using advanced attendance tracking systems like TimeCentral can provide you with real-time insights and help identify problematic patterns. Here’s how:

Multi-Attendance Modes Powered by Biometrics

Buddy punching or inaccuracies in traditional attendance systems is one of the primary HR challenges. You can address this issue by implementing a time tracking system that has multiple attendance modes and is powered by biometrics. TimeCentral allows authentication via fingerprint, face recognition, QR Code or selfie which is unique to each employee.

Whenever an employee punches in attendance via any of the above-mentioned modes, the software will match it with data in the record. Entry is approved only upon valid authentication.

Set Geofencing Radius

For organisations that have a dispersed workforce, managing attendance can be cumbersome. A good attendance tracking system can help create locations or projects and set geofencing radius. This allows remote employees to check in their attendance for any project or location.

Post Attendance in Real-Time

TimeCentral time-tracking platform also integrates a scheduling system that allows employees to view their schedules and post their attendance in real-time. Using GPS location, they can punch time in/ time out easily from anywhere – helping address problems in attendance and ensuring remote time tracking of your employees.        

Offline Attendance

Advanced time tracking systems often provide the option of offline attendance, allowing employees to time in/out their attendance even when network connectivity is not available. The system stores the data locally and publishes it when a connection is established. This ensures not one employee misses registering their attendance at any point in time.

Set Overtime, Lateness and Reminder

Use an employee time-tracking system that automatically records overtime and lateness, sending alerts instantly to the payroll system for improved accuracy.

Switching to a powerful and intuitive attendance monitoring system like TimeCentral can help improve the time tracking process, reduce inaccuracies, and boost the bottom line. 

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