Should You Invest in an Attendance Management System?

If you are worried and finding an ideal solution for managing your attendance and work shifts, get an attendance management system immediately. TimeCentral provides excellent attendance management software along with its hardware and mobile app. Keep reading to discover more about this attendance management system. 

All About Attendance Management System

The method of keeping track of your employee’s daily working schedule, like arrival and departure timing and duration of breaks along with absence management is known as an attendance management system. Many big companies have a biometric attendance system. The arrival and departure time gets recorded as soon as they check in and out of their office building or premises. Small companies might maintain some register or use identity punching machines to keep track of their employee’s attendance.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of getting an attendance management system:

Cloud-Based Platform

Installing a cloud-based attendance management system will help in easy and systematic record-keeping. All the data will be stored in cloud storage, allowing maximum space in your company’s database. BIOTEMP by TimeCentral provides its users with the best cloud-based platform so that the records are never lost. 

Get Time Attendance Data into Payroll for Calculation

BIOTEMP also provides the facility to incorporate the attendance details of an employee, helping the HR and  finance department check with an employee’s true salary structure. Since the system keeps track of their daily arrival and departure timings, the payroll calculation will be 100% accurate. 

Scheduling Solution

Investing in an attendance system like Timecentral  will also prevent the employees from time theft, as upon their entry and exit, the timings will be recorded and saved. You will also be able to assign shifts and publish them for your employees so that they can access the published schedules over the browser or mobile app. 

Tracking Employee Working Period

The attendance management system will also make it easier to track down an employee’s working time inside the company. As mentioned earlier, every employee’s timing will be recorded bya biometric attendance system or facial recognition system, like BIOTEMP. As a result, it will be easier for the managers to figure out how many hours a day an employee is working.  

The Final Call

All these shreds of evidence only prove that investing in an attendance management system like BIOTEMP will be a boon to the company. BIOTEMP by TimeCentral lets automate the whole process of attendance management system in any organization.

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