Reinvent Employee Timesheets With Authorized Timesheet Management System

Monitoring employee timesheets is critical for any business to instil a sense of accountability and ensure accurate payroll processing. However, many companies face challenges dealing with manual, error-prone timesheets that often make time theft easier to commit – costing millions of dollars to companies each year.

The best way to improve your existing employee timesheets is to replace them with an automated, robust and all-inclusive time tracking system like TimeCentral. The AI-powered, self-service time tracking system helps eliminate common loopholes such as buddy punching or late starts. Most importantly, it aids in effective payroll processing, ensuring all employees are rightly paid and at the right time.

Here’s a quick guide on how an authorised and reliable timesheet management system can help cope with existing obstacles:

1. GPS Tracking and Geofencing

If a major segment of your employees works remotely or on different job sites, tracking their time to work can be most difficult. A smart and automated time tracking system allows you to set a geofencing radius around any job site and use GPS tracking to exactly capture when an employee is arriving and leaving the site. The employee will be prompted through a mobile app or web browser to clock in and clock out right when they arrive and leave.

GPS tracking will enable you to monitor where your employers are during work hours and also verify their time on-site or on the project.

2. Biometric Check-in

The biometric attendance system uses fingerprint, face recognition, QR code or selfie to authenticate an employee check-in and check-out time. This is most effective in preventing erroneous timesheets or buddy punching. Once the employee clocks in using biometrics, the time tracking system will monitor the hours they are at work until they clock out.

Furthermore, biometrics is an important tool to ensure safety for all at the workplace.

3. Smart Reporting & Analytics

A good time tracking system like TimeCentral provides an intuitive dashboard where you can access intelligent reports for actionable insights. It is time to say goodbye to inaccurate and cumbersome manual employee timesheets. The robust time management software by TimeCentral aids in fast and accurate tracking of employee attendance – providing insights into your workforce, accurate scheduling to reduce costs, eliminate bulk paperwork and improve productivity.

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