All employers urged to adopt COVID-19 ‘VORT as company policy. How HR can do it smoothly to ensure safe working environment?

All employers are encouraged to consider adopting the COVID-19 “vaccinate or regular test” regime as company policy for existing employees and new hires.

As part of this, they may implement vaccination-differentiated measures in the workplace, including requiring medically eligible but unvaccinated employees to bear coronavirus-related expenses, such as for their swab tests. This is to protect employees and make workplaces more resilient.

The “vaccinate or regular test” regime, which requires unvaccinated workers in selected sectors to be tested for COVID-19 twice a week using antigen rapid tests, will start for selected sectors on Oct 1.

People working in the healthcare sector, eldercare sector and settings with children 12 years and below will be covered by the regime. Workers in industries that interact with customers in high-risk mask-off settings, such as at Singapore’s borders or COVID-19 frontline work, will also be subject to the requirements.

Other workplace settings include food & beverage establishments, gyms and fitness studios, personal care services, shopping malls and supermarkets. Taxi and private hire drivers, last mile delivery workers, driving school and private driving instructors as well as public transport frontline staff must also follow the regime.

The public service, Singapore’s largest employer, will also implement the regime for its employees. To make it smoother and easier TimeCentral has come up with a solution for employers. TimeCentral’s Capacity management and Vaccination management helps employer to easily facilitate booking of the facility or work premises as per the capacity threshold along with vaccination status through vaccination management depending on the risk level of the employers to ensure a safe working environment. The access of such functionalities through mobile app makes it even handy and convenient for employees to access the solution.

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