Contactless Temperature Screening & Face Recognition with built-in Biometric Attendance + SafeEntry

Upto 98% Grant support*


BIOTEMP: Temperature Screening & Monitoring System

Facial Biometric Attendance

8-Inch Dual Camera Face Recognition
Face Capacity: 20,000
1:N Face Recognition: 97.3%
Scanning Speed: 1 Sec
1:1 Person Certificate Comparison: More than 99%

Temperature Recording

Modes: Fahrenheit / Celsius
Stranger Detection: Supported
Control Action in case of high temperature
Auto Leave application
Green & Red colour with announcement


Get both attendance and temperature screening
of your team without touching any surface in one
fixed facial recognition system

BIOTEMP: Biometric + Temperature - Let's see how it works

BIOTEMP: SafeEntry, Visitor Management & 1-Second Processing

BIOTEMP - Use Case: Construction workers

BIOTEMP - Installation Options

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